Diamond-T 981, easily identifiable by the front cable roller attachment for self retrieval in the left bumper side hauling an unloaded M9 Rogers trailer.
Diamond-T 980/1
Diamond T-980, 6x4, Truck Tractor
Throughout the war, the Red army seriously lacked one type of vehicles that most other armies already had : wheeled tank transporters.
It didn't take too long until the »arsenal of democracy« partially closed that gap by first delivering 190 Reo 28XS and subsequently 295 Diamond T-980 M20.
Equipped with the 45-ton M9 Rogers trailer and the 10-ton Gar Wood winch behind the cab, the so-called "Transporter, Tank, 45-ton, M19" was far more suited for transporting heavier armour than the Reo.
The Diamond T M20 was also known as Model 820 and was equipped with a Hercules diesel DFXE engine.
10-ton Gar Wood winch
The engine compartment was opened from either side, with the covers hinged along the center line of the hood, front to back (sometimes called butterfly wings).
The cab was made in both open, soft-top and closed, hard-top variants.
In the space between the cargo box and the cab, a large 20-ton GarWood winch occupied the floor.
Along with the well-known domestic track tractors, the Red Army usually used no more than 2 Diamond T in their tank recovery units.
The vehicle shown here belongs to a Guards recovery unit as is indicated by the Guards batch on the door.
Also, the tiny white star over the first digit of the car number was common in the later part of war.
Diamond T's lined up in the Persian Corridor and awaiting delivery to the Soviet Union.
The location is believed to be Andimishk in the Persia and Iraq Command (PAJC) with Diamond Ts and other vehicles ready to be driven overland to Tabriz where Russians took over or transhipped loads from PAIC vehicles.
It was a vehicle assembly point for either PAIC use or the Aid to Russia programme.
Cased MT came in via various Gulf ports such as Bandar Shapur, Abadan, etc. being railed to Andimishk on the Trans Iranian Railway, the operation of which partly fell on the shoulders of the Royal Engineers Railway Operating Dept.
Other vehicles featured here include GMC CCKW-352 swb 6x6, GMC AFKX-352-8G 1.5-ton ordnance maintenance followed by a cargo model 8D and an 8C hardtop.
Behind the Ts is a row of Fords including a Canadian CMP.
45-ton M9 Rogers trailer
Loading T34/85 in front of high-brass audience
Diamond-T with T34/76
SU-85 on on uncoupled Rogers trailer


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