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Abbr.: A=Army, Ba=(Pri)Baltic, Btl=Batallion, Brig=Brigade, Bry=Bryansk, By=Byelorussian, Ce=Central, Fr=Front, G=Guards, H=Heavy, K=Korps, Kal=Kalinin, Len=Leningrad, M/Mech=Mechanized, MD=Military District, Mosc=Moscow, Mot=Motorized, Motcyc=Motorcycle, Reg=Regiment, Res=Reserve, Sh=Shock, So=Southern, Stp=Steppes, SU=Self-Propelled Artillery, Tk=Tank, TA=Tank Army, TrBaik=Trans-Baikal, Ukr=Ukrainian, Vor=Voronesh, We=Western

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Key Commander(s):

Period Front Korps Tank
1944-10-01-1944-10-31 2nd Ukrainian Front 9GMK, 5GTK 6 49G 364GH 4G
1944-11-01-1944-12-31 2nd Ukrainian Front 9GMK, 5GTK 51G 49G 364GH 4G
1945-01-01-1945-01-31 2nd Ukrainian Front 4GMK, 9GMK, 5GTK 51G 49G 364GH,697,1458 4G
1945-02-01-1945-02-28 2nd Ukrainian Front 9GMK, 5GTK 51G 49G 364GH 4G
1945-03-01-1945-03-31 2nd Ukrainian Front 9GMK, 5GTK 51G,207 49G 364GH 4G
1945-04-01-1945-04-30 3rd Ukrainian Front 9GMK, 5GTK 51G 49G 364GH 4G
1945-05-01-1945-05-10 2nd Ukrainian Front 2GMK, 9GMK, 5GTK 51G,208 49G 364GH 4G 275

Unit History

  • 6 Tank army redesignated Guards, 12 Sep. 1944
  • On Oct 01,1944 had : 122 T-34, 8 IS-2, 27 M4A2, 7 Valentine IX, 7 SU-85, 3 SU-76, total of 166
  • 42 M4A2 received as replacements 1-20.10.44
  • Hungary; in big tank battles near Debrecen, Oct. 1944
  • Losses in Oct: 103 tanks and SP guns destroyed: 63 T-34, 31 M4A2, 1 ISU-122, 6 Mk-IX, 2 SU-85
  • Budapest Op.; had 325 tanks and SP guns, Nov. 1944
  • Had 162 tanks and SP guns on 01 Jan,1945, with 72 left by 13 Jan,1945
  • Budapest, Feb. 1945
  • Lake Balaton Op.; had 406 tanks and SP guns, Mar. 1945
  • Vienna; had 286 tanks an SP guns, Apr. 1945
  • Czechoslovakia, near Prague; had 151 tanks and SP guns, May 1945
  • Manchurian campaign, Aug. 1945
Sources : tankfront.ru, pamyat-naroda.ru, flamesofwar.com, War is over, Poirier-Conner, "RA OOB in the GPW", et al.

Surely not exhaustive, hence any further info or corrections welcome